Thursday, October 22, 2009

My throat feels so swollen...

Don't feel good today as if the title doesn't give that away.. Started the day off with a cup of chicken broth.... Up to 4 so far today... My husband is concerned.... "Are you sure you ok? You are drinking chicken broth..." I absolutely despise gargling with salt water... so drinking the chicken broth is my compromise.... My husband and daughter even bought me flowers today... Time for another glass of chicken broth... I did get a four hour nap today! Hope to be all better tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just get started

I have a problem.... I procrastinate..... I even procrastinate procrastinating... so... I guess that means I never get anything done. So as I start this blog I am hoping to be more motivated to get moving. I have been reading some books lately about Pioneer woman and what it took to be just that. Wow... Working from sun up to long into the night. Growing your own food and making due with what you had. They must have been extremely creative and stretching each an every penny to make it go even farther. If they made it with so much less that I have then so can I. So as the holiday season approaches I am working towards a better holiday not more money spent, but better family values. I think it is high time I determined what our family's traditions are for the holidays. So you if you have any favorite holiday memories please share them with me.

"At last she understood the true lesson of the Christmas Quilt, that a family was an act of creation, the piecing together of disparate fragments into one cloth-- often harmonious, occasionally clashing, and discordant, but sometimes unexpectedly beautiful and strong. Without contrast there was no pattern, as Great-Aunt Lucinda had taught her long ago, and each piece, whether finest silk or faded cotton, would endure if sewn fast the others with strong seams-- bonds of love and loyalty, tradition and faith." The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini